Links for Billy

bullet Billy Hinsche on Facebook
“Like” Billy on Facebook!

bullet BillyHinscheOfficial YouTube Channel
Watch live performances and videos made by Billy Hinsche.

bullet The Filmer's YouTube Channel
Watch videos made by Billy Hinsche.

bullet Billy Hinsche Wikipedia
Includes discography.

bullet Billy Hinsche IMDB
Billy on film and TV.

bullet Billy Hinsche's MySpace Site
Listen to selections from Billy's albums and more.

bullet Charts by Billy Hinsche
Includes samples of three songs charted by Billy.

bullet Dino, Desi & Billy Wikipedia
More on DD&B.

bullet Dino, Desi & Billy IMDB
DD&B on film and TV.

bullet A Tribute to Dean Martin: His Son Remembers
The official home for the Dean Martin Tribute.


Other Links

bullet The Beach Boys
Capitol Records' official site for The Beach Boys

bullet The Carl Wilson Foundation
Home site for the charitable foundation set up in memory of Beach Boy Carl Wilson

Beach Boy Brian Wilson's official home page.

Beach Boy Alan Jardine's official home page. Live CD for Al Jardine's Family & Friends Beach Band available here.

Beach Boy David Marks' official home page.

bullet Jeffrey Foskett: New Surf Home Page
Home page for New Surf recording artist and former BB band member/current BW band member Jeffrey Foskett.

bullet The Beach Boys Band homepage
Official web site for the supporting musicians who have been part of the Beach Boys Band.

bullet The Beach Boys Fan Club
Home site for BBFC, the official U.S. BB fan organization.

bullet Endless Summer Quarterly
The world's leading Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fanzine.

bullet Chicago the Band
Official site for the band Chicago.

bullet Robert Lamm
Home site for singer/songwriter/keyboardist Robert Lamm, founding member of the group Chicago.

bullet Beckly-Lamm-Wilson's Like A Brother
The America Fan's site for the late, great Carl Wilson's last album, with Gerry Beckley (America) and Robert Lamm (Chicago).

bullet America Fans website
Comprehensive site for fans of Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell's group America.

bullet Dean Martin Fan Center
(Use this link for frames-free access.) An official Dean Martin fan club. Dean is father to Dino and Ricci Martin and Carl Wilson's second wife Gina.

bullet Sugar Ray Online
Official home page for the band Sugar Ray. Their former bassist, Murphy Karges, is part of Billy's extended family.

bullet Carol Kaye
Reknowned studio session bassist, who played electric bass on many of the Beach Boys' '60s recordings.

bullet Michael Angeloff on Facebook
Michael Angeloff's CD, Here And Now.... Is Forever, features Billy as guest artist and is one of Carl Wilson's last recording performances.

bullet The Cowsills
John Cowsill, one of the musical Cowsill Family, is a current BB band member.

bullet John Hunter Phillips on Facebook
Find out about John Hunter Phillips' CD, Diamonds on the Beach, "devoted to the songs of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson." Billy wrote the liner notes and performs a duet with John on "One More Night Alone."

bullet Björn Eriksson's Rickenbacker Guitar Page
Fan site that catalogs Rickenbacker guitars and their owners. Billy has his own section in the Gallery. Take a look under "Models" to see photos of the Carl Wilson signature Rickenbacker guitars.

bullet Henry Diltz Photography
Henry Diltz, photographer to Rock's stars, provided the photos for Brian Wilson's Live at the Roxy album.