Disc 1: 1974 — On the Road with The Beach Boys (Director's Cut)

1974 Disc 1 coverNever before had cameras been allowed into the very private world of the touring Beach Boys quite like this — until now. This exclusive footage was shot using the very first portable video camera (called a Portapak) by UCLA graduate filmmaker and former Beach Boys musician Billy Hinsche, who takes you on a whirlwind romp through several days and nights of being up-close-and-personal with “you are there” scenes of life on the road with the group Rolling Stone magazine called “Band of the Year” for 1974.

Filmed on location during the April and May tours of 1974, you'll hear conversations among the band members (sometimes with the aid of subtitles so you don't miss a single word), be a part of the backstage shenanigans, listen in on plans for tour logistics and strategy, have a ringside seat at the hysterical madcap backgammon game called “The Match” (originally released as part of Billy's film The Road Well Traveled and unavailable for many years), and take a ride in the cockpit of the Beach Boys' private plane, where you will watch the takeoff sitting in the jump seat of the charter aircraft.

Through the eyes of the camera lens you will be transported right onto the live performance stage almost as if you were in the band. You're so close to the action that you will want to pick up a tambourine to play and sing along as the band glides through “The Trader,” “Long Promised Road” and “Marcella.”*

This rare historical black and white video footage is augmented by gorgeous color film and photos you have never seen before and is interspersed with interviews from 1974 band members and associates including Ricky Fataar (drums), Ed Carter (bass), Bobby Figueroa (percussion), Carli Muñoz (Hammond B-3), Billy Hinsche (piano), transitory synthesizer player Don Lewis, longtime tour manager Rick Nelson, and Holland album project sound engineer Steve Moffitt. Legendary record producer and Caribou Ranch owner Jim Guercio not only performs onstage with the band, but also shares his revealing insights and riveting stories as the group's manager and personal mentor to Dennis Wilson.

The Director's Cut is a slightly modified and expanded version of the originally released 1974 DVD that has newly discovered and restored vintage black & white Portapak video footage of the tour that extended into June of 1974; including a glimpse of the opening act, Kiki Dee, and vintage, never-before-seen, full color video footage from the 1989 BeaChago tour (Beach Boys & Chicago).

(Total running time is approximately 95 minutes.)

Disc 2: The Interviews

1974 Disc 2The Interviews is an entirely new movie unto itself. It is in full color with expanded interviews, anecdotes, and comments from Hinsche, Fataar, Carter, Figueroa, Muñoz, Guercio, and others; and a brand new lively, humorous, and heartfelt conversation with founding member Walter Parazaider of the musical group Chicago, who gives a detailed account of the spectacularly successful, record-breaking BeaChago tour of 1975, along with the aid of the original itineraries showing cities, venues, and dates. There is newly discovered and restored black & white Portapak video footage of the tour that extended into June of 1974, including a peek into the backstage scene at Nassau Coliseum in New York where old friends Elton John and Paul Simon stop by for a visit. You'll see rare photos and even more never-before-seen vivid color film of the era.

The film concludes with a visit inside the Hinsche family home in Beverly Hills, California, where Dennis Wilson is interviewed by his dear friend, Otto “Pop” Hinsche, at a party celebrating Billy's 23rd birthday in June of 1974. There are special appearances by both Celia “Mom” Hinsche and a young Michael Wilson (Dennis and Barbara's son) — and you're invited to the party!

(Total running time is approximately 75 minutes.)

If you think you've seen all the Beach Boys footage there is to see, you'll be delighted to know there is one more film to add to your wish list. This is a documentary that stands alone with its unique perspective, insight, and just plain fun — 1974 will rock you!

*Segments of each song are heard in full, live audio.

Note: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD will benefit the Carl Wilson Foundation.


Note: This is a 2 DVD box set.

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“As close as it gets to as real as it was!”
Gerry Beckley, musician, co-founder of America

“Wow. Brings back such great memories of being on the road with Carl, Dennis, and Billy.”
Danny Seraphine, drummer, BeaChago (Beach Boys & Chicago), former member of Chicago

“JUST finished watching the DVD. What a pleasure. What an absolute service to the era, the Wilsons, and to THE BAND (finally!!!). Thanks for taking the time to do this for the people that still care.”
Howie Edelson, rock writer and producer, United Stations


“It’s hard to remember that the Beach Boys ever had to ‘prove’ themselves again but this footage shows why they became Rolling Stone's ‘Live Band of the Year’ in 1974. If you saw them perform in '73 -'74 you'll relive some very cool memories... if you didn't, you'll wish you were there! Fortunately, Hinsche's movie puts you onstage AND backstage with America's most important rock band ever. AMAZING footage.”
Brad Rosenberger, Warner/Chappell

“Billy Hinsche's 1974 is a voyeuristic joy to the Beach Boys' faithful fans. It's an eye-opening insight into the less-than-glamorous world of touring in a band, the joy of performing music, and the bonds that exist between friends and performers.”
Howard Kramer, Curatorial Director, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

“This is the most unique rock and roll documentary footage I have EVER seen. It deserves Oscar consideration. I am a UCLA Film School graduate.”
Bruce Merrin, President, Merrin Public Relations

“Billy Hinsche's new film 1974 — On the Road with The Beach Boys is an absolute treasure. The 90-minute film is a unique window that reveals a pivotal time in the Beach Boys' history, and does that in a way that is not sensational at all. It's the matter of fact quality of this film that provides the viewer with incredible insight and also gives the film its charm. Hinsche takes us on a day by day journey through a piece of 1974, letting us inside band meetings, air travel, sound checks, hotel silliness, and live performances. You'll feel like you are there with them. You might want to grab an equipment case and haul it onto the stage for them before a concert, or pass the salt at the local diner as they eat lunch, or participate in a pillow fight at the hotel... no matter, you will definitely feel like a fly on the wall... seeing things in the casual, and unrehearsed way that they actually unfolded. In turn you will understand Mike, Al, Dennis, and Carl in a new way. You will gain an enhanced appreciation for how hard they worked and how many people it took to pull off what they were doing. There is one revelation after another, and Hinsche's tasteful editing style never gets in the way. New interview segments with Ed Carter, Jim Guercio, Stephen Moffitt, Ricky Fataar, and others only adds to the awesome learning experience.

“I came away with a bittersweet taste in my mouth after viewing this one-of-a kind film. Dennis was so healthy, seemingly happy, and no trace of the spiral that took him is evident in this film. Carl is gently in control, but still relaxed enough to be silly and engaging. Al pops in and out and always in a good-natured way. Mike seems guarded, resigned to his role, and is the least accessible Beach Boy in this footage. Although Brian does not appear, he is present through his music, the comments of the others, and in one hilarious scene where Dennis points to the sky and insists Brian's up there. Even though the camaraderie between the backing band and the principals is evident, there is a loneliness to the endless road that I especially felt watching this. Knowing that these guy's personal lives were forever impacted by leaving and coming back, and that they somehow had to wedge being iconic recording artists into their schedules and into their emotional framework is a taxing thing to consider. Seeing Carl and Dennis together here is a clear reminder that the best thing these people had wasn't fame or money or artistic gratification. The best thing they had was each other.

“Sometimes it all seems too good to be true, to be there with the Beach Boys in 1974, on the road, hanging out, having fun, making it happen, becoming the best band in the world... again. Someone needs to thank Billy for this film. Okay, I will. Thanks BH... this is truly a gift.”
Jon Stebbins, author

1974 2-disc DVD back coverDVD CREDITS

Director and Editor: Billy Hinsche
Executive Producer: Billy Hinsche
Co-Producer: Steve Latshaw

Filmed on location during the April, May, and June Beach Boys tours of 1974.

Featuring Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, and Ricky Fataar.
With appearances by Billy Hinsche, Ed Carter, Carli Muñoz, Bobby Figueroa, Jim Guercio, and others.

Soundtrack includes live concert segments of:
“The Trader” (Carl Wilson – Jack Rieley)
“Long Promised Road” (Carl Wilson – Jack Rieley)
“Marcella” (Brian Wilson – Jack Rieley)

Soundtrack also includes John Hunter Phillips' recording of “Under A Beach Boy Moon” (Billy Hinsche – Desi Arnaz, Jr.) from his CD It's About Time.

Cover and Disc 1 photo: Ed Roach (roach-clips.com)
Back cover and Disc 2 photo “screen grab”: Billy Hinsche

1974 — On the Road with The Beach Boys
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All rights reserved.

Total running time Disc 1: 95 minutes (approx.)
Total running time Disc 2: 75 minutes (approx.)
Rating: PG
Standard/Region: NTSC Region 0
Widescreen format


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